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20-21 May 2014, Dubai
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22 May 2014, London
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SagisEPR - WEEE policy implementation models (presentation Dec-12)
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17-Mar-14  Europe
SPECIAL REPORT: Status of transposition of the Recast WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU
Six member states have completed or nearly completed publishing legislation transposing the Recast WEEE Directive: Bulgaria, Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, the UK and most recently Italy. Another 19 EEA member states have released at least partial draft legislation to transpose it.
13-Mar-14  Europe
Voluntary logos will help producers identify screens containing mercury
IT producer association DIGITALEUROPE and the UK’s Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) have launched two new logos to facilitate the segregation of flat panel TVs containing mercury back light and make it safer and easier to treat them in an environmentally-sound manner.
30-Jan-14  Europe
SPECIAL REPORT: Status of transposition of the Recast WEEE Directive
Bulgaria and UK have transposed Recast WEEE Directive, while 23 EEA member states have released draft legislation transposing the WEEE Recast Directive. The majority is unlikely to meet the 14-Feb-14 transposition deadline.
29-Jan-14  SouthEast Asia
Four Southeast Asian neighbours to cooperate on e-waste management
Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines will conduct a study in view of establishing a WEEE management facilities in the region and eventually formulate an e-waste policy.
20-Jan-14  European
WEEE organsiations from 8 countries form joint venture
The venture, WEEE Europe, is to offer a one-stop service for WEEE and batteries compliance services in several European countries from 2015 to reduce administrative burden for producers.
12-Jan-14  Europe
Eunomia publishes results of targets consultation
11-Dec-13  Europe
Status of transposition of the Recast WEEE Directive in EEA countries
10 countries so far have released drafts transposing the WEEE Recast Directive. The majority of EEA member states is unlikely to meet the 14-Feb-14 transposition deadline. The most profound changes to the WEEE regime are expected in the UK and the Netherlands. The summary below highlights the transposition status in each EEA country, with links to news items providing further details. The future release and adoption dates mentioned reflect our expectations.
11-Dec-13  Europe
EUR 40 million funding for new EU research
The European Commission has approved EUR 40 million funding for 14 new research projects involving 140 companies to shape a more resource-efficient economy in Europe. Five of the projects, with funding of EUR 15 million, relate directly EEE or batteries:
12-Nov-13  International
e-Stewards 2.0 and R2:2013 Standards Released
Updated versions of the e-Stewards and the R2 standards have been released by the Basel Action Network (BAN) and R2 Solutions.
07-Nov-13  EU Institutions
Commission releases proposal on lightweight plastic bags
On 23 October we reported on a draft Commission proposal to amend the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive to require member states to reduce the consumption of lightweight carrier bags within two years. They can do this by means of national reduction targets, economic instruments or even a ban.
01-Nov-13  International
Countering WEEE Illegal Trade (CWIT) project launched
Led by INTERPOL and funded by the European Commission, the two-year CWIT project was launched in September 2013 to create a set of recommendations for the European Commission and law enforcement agencies to assist them in countering the illegal trade of e-waste.
04-Sep-13  EU
Draft FAQ on the Recast WEEE Directive
The Commission last month released a new DRAFT FAQ on the Recast WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU with the intention to help competent public authorities and economic operators interpret the provisions of the new WEEE Directive to ensure compliance with the Directive’s requirements.
21-Jul-13  Europe
EWRN suggestions for implementing Recast’s concept of ‘authorised representative’
The European WEEE Register Network (EWRN) released a proposal for implementing the Recast WEEE Directive’s concept of ‘authorised representative’ into national WEEE legislation.
11-Jul-13  Europe
Recycling, energy sector an opportunity to kick-start Europe's industrial turnaround
The European Parliament’s support of a strategy for the ‘Renaissance of Industry for a Sustainable Europe’ (RISE) has passed the last hurdle before first reading in plenary scheduled in autumn. Energy and resource efficiency are the key pillars of the strategy and as such, it affects waste and recycling policies.
17-May-13  Basel Convention
No agreement on guidelines for transboundary movements of e-waste
Diverging views on the criteria under which the export of used or non-functioning EEE for repair or refurbishment should be exempted from the Basel ban prevented the adoption of new guidelines during the 11th Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention (COP11) in Geneva last week.
09-May-13  EU Institutions
Study on EU Product Label Options
A research on EU product label Options, published 26 October 2012, investigated ‘the possibility of creating a product label with information about the environmental lifecycle performance of the product [that] may be added to the current Energy Label’.
29-Apr-13  Europe
WEEELABEX organisation set up to oversee standards
The organisation, which was launched on 17 April in Prague, is an international non-profit entity which will train auditors and promote the adoption of the standards by operators and member states in order to improve WEEE management practices in Europe.
17-Apr-13  European
Commission proposes mandatory non-financial reporting
On 16 April the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive that will amend the Accounting Directives by requiring companies with more than 500 employees and either a balance sheet total of over EUR 20 million or a net turnover of over EUR 40 million, to include in their annual reports a non-financial statement containing information relating to environmental, social and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and bribery matters.
15-Mar-13  USA
USITC suggests exports of used EEE much lower than previously claimed
A new report by the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) analysing the size of the U.S.’s used electronic products (UEP) industry and the destinations of UEPs exports garners criticism from BAN and ETC.
25-Feb-13  Europe
Industry groups call for all treated WEEE to be reported
A group of industry bodies – Ceced, DigitalEurope, EERA and LightingEurope – has produced a guidance document on measuring all WEEE Flows and establishing WEEE treatment standards.

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