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Bulgaria  Bulgaria
Population:  7.6 million   GNI:  US$ 5.5k
Quick Facts
WEEE Batteries Packaging
Legislation 2006 2009 2004
Systems 13 7 28
Producers 1200 257 n/a
Collection 4.8kg 36g n/a
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Batteries - Legislation and Compliance - May-14
WEEE - Legislation and Compliance - Jul-13
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Summaryupdated 10-Jul-13

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Draft Ordinance does not make full use of derogation from collection target
The draft Ordinance on WEEE, which will transpose the Recast Directive, was published for consultation in late August, together with a draft amending the Ordinance on the Amount of the Product Fee (120/2008). Consultation ended on 9 October. If adopted, the Ordinance will come into force in 2014.
Waste Act reduces compliance organisations from 15 to 5  
Since July 2012, a new Waste Act has imposed stricter requirements on compliance organisations with the aim of limiting their numbers.
Collection rate of around 80%?  
Data from the Executive Environment Agency (EEA) suggest that Bulgaria has achieved the highest WEEE collection rate in the EU.
Producer registration in process
A recent amendment to the WEEE and Batteries Ordinances introduced a register of WEEE and battery producers.
Revision of WEEE Ordinance in preparation  
A recent draft revision of the 2006 WEEE Ordinance primarily aims to improve control over the existing 19 WEEE recovery systems and will lead to more reliable data.
Competition among recovery system hots up after 2 years of duopoly  
In the second half of 2009, the Ministry of Environment approved the operations of 11 recovery systems.
WEEE collection increases quickly, at a cost  
In May 2008 the Bulgarian Product Tax Decree was amended and an amendment of the WEEE Ordinance followed in June 2008.
EEE tax from 1 July 2006, RoHS from January 2007
A WEEE Ordinance and a decree for a tax on EEE were adopted by the council of ministers on 30 March 2006. Publication of the texts is expected next week.
Expensive WEEE provider remains only compliance choice
In Bulgaria, the product tax continues to be charged on WEEE. It is an unattractive compliance option:
Product fee in force from Friday – Associations recommend payment
With only three days to go to enforcement of the product fee on WEEE, the Chamber of Electrical and Electronic Producers and the Bulgarian Association of Information Technology have recommended paying the tax now and claiming it back later.

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