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EPR and in particular end-of-life (EoL) product legislation on electronics, batteries and packaging continues to proliferate rapidly worldwide.

Policy instruments are increasingly complex, often mandating competition among compliance providers to best achieve environmental and resource recovery goals at minimum costs to consumers.

This has made EoL compliance for producers a massive challenge for multinational producers that typically contract several dozens of compliance providers and are faced with diverse national reporting, financing and operational requirements.

The old approach of assigning EoL compliance to national subsidiaries creates duplication of work and leaves blind spots to legal risks in the distribution chain in other jurisdictions.

An effective EoL compliance strategy today must take into account possible compliance roles of other parties in a multi-country distribution chain and is best executed as centrally as possible and as local as necessary.

Sagis assists compliance managers in global, regional and national organizations to ensure effective EPR compliance and minimize legal and commercial risks throughout the distribution chain and to contribute positively to a company’s CSR efforts.  Services include:

  • EPR Information Service:  Up-to-date, concise and actionable guidance on producer responsibility legislation worldwide on EEE, batteries and packaging worldwide, based on years of analysis of thousands of legal texts and over 500 compliance systems in cooperation with Perchards.

  • EPR Compliance Manager:  An easy-to-use microsite for corporate compliance managers to manage and keep track of the global end-of-life compliance status of an organization – with assistance from us if needed.   Selected data can be made available as compliance statements to clients.

  • Compliance consulting and research:  Sagis analysts are available to advise on specific compliance problems, devise compliance strategies, validate compliance decisions or for deep collaboration in the implementing EPR compliance for your organization.
Sagis provides independent advice in the best interest of the client and are not affiliated or share commercial interests with recyclers or compliance systems.

About Sagis
People in Sagis have been working on producer responsibility legislation issues in private and public organisations in Europe and Asia since the early 1990's. For the past ten years, Sagis has provided research and consulting services for legislative affairs specialists Perchards. This cooperation continues with mutual contributions to each others information services.

Sagis EPR information service was created to make a decade of research easily accessible and answers client needs for tracking global EPR legislation and own compliance activities. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
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