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WEEE Batteries Packaging
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Malaysia:  WEEE29-Jun-14
Laos:  General Waste Policy14-Jun-14
Indonesia:  Packaging14-Jun-14
Bulgaria:  Batteries28-May-14
Israel:  WEEE30-Apr-14
Indonesia:  WEEE28-Apr-14
Vietnam:  WEEE05-Apr-14
Vietnam:  Batteries04-Apr-14
Macedonia:  Batteries02-Apr-14
Philippines:  WEEE17-Mar-14
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WEEE policy implementation models (Presentation, Delhi) - Dec-12
Portable battery collection target achievement (Report for EBPA) - Sep-13
Role of producer responsibility in a circular economy (Presentation Green Week Brussels) - Jun-14
E-Waste World 2014
27-29 Aug 14, Shanghai (China)
Circular Materials Conference
23-24 Sep 14, Stockholm (Sweden)
19th International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2014
24-26 Sep 14, Hamburg (Germany)
Recoup Plastics Recycling Conference 2014
25 Sep 14, Peterborough (United Kingdom)
E-Scrap 2014
22-23 Oct 14, Orlando, Florida (USA)
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Questions & Answers
Regional Issues: In many EU member states municipalities or retailers sell WEEE they collect to 'non producers' which seems contrary to the principle of producer responsibility. Could you comment?  Answered on 24-Sep-11
Serbia: Does the WEEE Regulation allow for a non-Serbian company that does not import itself to register as producer and take on the responsibilities imposed on producers by the Regulation? And if so, how would it be able to handle this tax requirement?   Answered on 19-Jul-11
Bulgaria: Is the new WEEE register operational and is it possible for a non-Bulgarian company to register as a producer?  Answered on 18-Jul-11
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02-Jul-14  European Commission (Waste Policy)
Green Growth package incl. proposal for new waste stream directives launched
The Commission has today launched its Green Growth package. The aim is to link waste policy with resource efficiency through the “circular economy”, which is meant to reduce resource consumption, maximise reuse and recycling, and improve security of supply and create jobs by reprocessing waste materials within Europe. “Waste policy is zero waste policy”, says Environment Commissioner Potocnik.

11-Jun-14  Europe (WEEE)
Video presentation 'Producer responsibility’s role in closing the material loop for EEE'
The presentation was originally held on 4 June 2014 during Green Week, 'the biggest annual conference on European environment policy'.

29-May-14  Europe (Packaging Eco-Label)
Ecolabel under review
Consultants Ricardo-AEA and others are carrying out a review of the EU Ecolabel, to be completed by the end of 2014.

04-Dec-13  Europe (Batteries)
Video presentation of study on battery collection rates in EEA
We have prepared a video presentation of the recent study commissioned by the European Portable Battery Association (EPBA) and carried out by Sagis and Perchards.

20-Oct-13  Europe (Packaging)
90 million tonnes of food wasted every year
16 October was World Food Day, and the European Commission used the occasion to reaffirm its intention – set out in its Roadmap to a resource-efficient Europe – of halving food waste by 2020. Globally, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year, including 90 million tonnes in Europe.

11-Oct-13  Europe (Packaging)
2011 recycling results show slight improvement
EUROSTAT has just published packaging and packaging waste data for 2011. With the economy recovering a little, the amount of packaging placed on the market in EU-27* in 2011 was 80.2 million tonnes, a little less than the 2006 figure. This was a 1.9% increase on 2010, when the tonnage placed on the market was a little less than the 2005 tonnage. The EU-15** tonnage rose by 1.4% to 71.0 million tonnes in 2011, a little higher than the 2005 figure. Tonnage in the twelve “new” member states rose by 6.0% to 9.2 million tonnes.

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